Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Fun

    My sister Sara and her little family have moved again:( To have some fun and hang out together one more time before they left, my family all got together and went to the park and just had fun. So sad they have moved again. At least it's closer this time. We can at least drive to New Mexico compared to Ohio where they were. We had lots of fun and Sara, Brandon and will be missed. Please come visit soon:)
Cousins. Brooklyn, Ellie and Peyton
 Boston was not loving the slide...
 We played frisbee, which was really fun...probably cause I ended up winning:)
My mom was fun to watch, she would lift up her leg every time she threw it and I had to copy her:)
 And those giant band things that throw you around was our last activity. Lots of fun and memories that we will never forget.
Amy, Jenny, Sara, Me, Emily and Rachel...good looking group of girls. 
Love my sisters:)

   I took these a few weeks ago during a storm while I was sitting on my front porch...I'm sure I looked like a dork to my neighbors, but I ended up with some cool shots.

     Dixon moved away a few weeks ago and this was the last time he came to hang out with us at our house:( We have had a few friends over, watched Ghost Adventures, played games and ate lots of food most Friday nights for the past few years with Dixon and Alex and occasionally they bring friends with them. We love these boys!
 Trent, Kaden, and Dixon
 Yes...I licked him
 Alex playing with Peyton
 Boston hanging out with Trent watching the boys play the PS3
 Alex and Dixon...we miss these 2
 Alex, Carly and Dixon
It has been weird to have our Friday nights open again...we haven't known what to do without Dixon home. Guess we should start our date night back up on Fridays.
    We have had a lot of fun this summer, the kids end up on the couch crashed like this.
    Boston has mastered eating baby food this summer. He is almost 10 months old now, and can finally sit up on his own, pushed 2 teeth this past week, rolls to get where he wants but he is close to crawling, and can say ma ma ma, which makes me proud:) We love this kid and can't imagine life without him in it.