Saturday, October 29, 2011

Describes My Life

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today I'm just gonna vent a little...after it seemed so many things weren't going our way the past few weeks, like our dryer broke, our brand spanking new lawn mower broke down, kaden needed all new tires on his car, my brakes went out on my car, all 3 of my kids were sick for two weeks between them in the middle of putting our house up for sale, and would it be a story if peyton didn't break something...she somehow managed to snap one of the dining room chair legs in half, while we're trying to stage our was awesome, oh and on top of that, I feel like I'm in a teenager again cause my face has broken out. Nice huh? I thought that was over with after high school....not so much this month! But all of this felt like nothing when we found this out.
This month we found out Boston would need to go get a CT Scan up at Primary Children's on his head. Our pediatrician saw some symptoms in Boston that he felt strongly enough about that indicated that he may have a tumor or some other mass or fluid built up in his brain. Scariest thing I have really ever had to listen to, for your doctor to say "your son shows some signs that he may have a tumor." He has been a little slow to develop and his head has grown 30% in the past 4 months, his weight has dropped below the charts and his height was only measured at 11%, which was the same as his checkup last time we went in. So that day I made an appointment, which was Thursday and we had to wait til the following Friday to get in. Once we got up there it went pretty quickly and it was comforting to be confident in Primary Children's and in their staff. They said they would call us by that evening with his test results, and if we didn't hear from them, then it wouldn't be til Monday. Of course, with our luck lately, we had to wait til Monday. We finally got the phone call at 10:30 a.m. and all the nurse said was "we got your results" my stomach was in the floor.... "and your sons scan came back normal." I'm not sure what I said to her cause I quickly hung up and began to cry and if you know me, I don't cry much. I was so relieved, and felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like most things don't get to me and I handle stress pretty well, but this was something so out of my control that could have affected my son and our little family for the rest of our lives. I immediately felt so grateful for all those who had been praying, fasting, and for the blessing Kaden was able to give him the night before. I don't know if we have ever prayed so much, not only out loud but silently to ourselves every time we looked at him. We are so blessed to be where we are in our lives, sometimes life throws you a curve but I hope we never have a scare like this ever again.
 On a happy note, Kaden has been interviewing to be moved up at work and become an agent, and we found out last week that he got the job in the midst of everything and I'm so proud of him.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I was looking through some old pictures and had to laugh at this. We lived in Texas when I was younger for a few years, and that is where I took swimming lessons for a summer and learned to 'fly'...we always joked about this photo of me growing up, its hard to tell on here, I wish the picture wasn't so blurry, but I was still mid air while all the other kids were either in the pool or getting up the courage to fall in. Pretty sure I wasn't afraid to belly flop.
Me when I was 5 or 6

Jaxon this summer, 4 years old
Similar??? I'm glad my son can take something cool after me since he is a 'mini me' of Kaden.