Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Girl

Peyton's 2nd birthday was on Dec. 16. You are so beautiful. You make us laugh everyday:) We love you

 The idea was there...her cake didn't quite turn out how i wanted but I tried:)

Peyton and her cousin Ellie needed a bath after was funny to watch them to say the least.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Early Present

Kaden got me a new camera for Christmas....but gave it to me early:) so I've been trying it out and I LOVE it! These are a few of my favorites! I can't believe how big my kids are getting! You're the BEST and I'm so grateful you are MINE:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jaxon's 4 Today!

I can't believe my little boy is 4 already! We love you bud:) Happy Birthday!
This morning when I told him Happy Birthday, he said "Again...?" We have celebrated his birthday twice this past week already and had cake and presents already with family...Then we explained we hadn't given him the presents from us yet and he said "Ok, lets go open them then." Smart kid:)

 I love the look on his face.

 Yes, you're right....he picked up the ENTIRE piece on his fork and took giant bites out of it.

 My sister Sara made this for Jaxon to organize his crayons. Its such a cute idea and he loves it!

 First picture with all 5 of us!

 We celebrated Kaden's grandma's Birthday with Jaxon's. I think she turned 29 from what everyone was saying:)

 These cute p.j.'s from Kadens family

 We got Jaxon his first Bike! Too bad today is supposedly the biggest blizzard Utah's had in a long time and we can't take it out so he can ride it....stinking snow, couldn't you have waited til tomorrow?

 And a plastic shotgun so he can shoot "birds, ducks and deer" with daddy

 He is shooting a wooden deer I have for christmas decorations. I like the look on his face.

 Me and my 3 kids after opening presents:)

 Jaxon tryin to calm Boston down to smile for was so cute to see him try to make him happy. I love my kids:)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Boston's First Week

Jaxon absolutely adores Boston. Every morning he comes in my bed and asks to hold his Boston:) Love it

This is my favorite picture i have of the 2 of them so far
Jaxon was singing Boston a song here...."Rock-a-bye mommy and dad....and me and you, Eeeheeheeooo." It was hilarious.


 On our way to the first doctors visit...poor kid was on his way to be circumsized:(
We stayed down in Kaysville afterwards to go to my mom's for her birthday. Surprisingly Boston was really good all day and slept most of the time.
 My tired boys
 And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing mom on our day out. We love you
Peyton cuddling with him after a long day, ready for bed.

Thanks mom for coming up and helping me. I love it when you're here