Wednesday, May 28, 2008


so jaxon is constantly lining things in perfect lines...the other day i was working and we sell paint and remodeling stuff like that, and i was helping some people and answering the phones. when i got a minute i went to check on him and this is what he was doing! i think he gets it from my mom:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kaden turned 21! Happy Birthday Babe

So May 7, its offical, Kaden is 21! It's about time:) I love you hun! We just did the usual...cake and ice cream with close friends and family. It was the first big get together we've had at our house since we moved in. We don't have a ton of room on top of all the remodeling we're's just not the best place yet for parties, but it turned out great and it was alot of fun!

Kaden got some cleats for outdoor soccer in a co-ed league we just started. He needed some since this is the first outdoor soccer league he's ever played in!

kids are so fun:) Jaxon had so much fun playing with all dad's birthday balloons...and of course a ball. he can't do anything without a ball

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Remodeling.....Does it ever End??!

first off, we started to re-do our cabinents a few months ago. Because they were awful! as you can see in a picture below....white craft paint and the crackle deal tried to be done by the previous owners...and it was pretty ugly. We got the boxes refaced, and got new doors, but decided to rip some walls out in the kitchen/front room to open up our house and so we've waited to put doors up cuz we have to move some of the cabinent boxes to make it all work. we want to get new countertops but again have to hold that off until we figure out the cabinents and where they'll all be one project after another and this is what we've gotten to so far! It'll be alot nicer when we get done. Hopefully sooner than later!

as you can tell...they were pretty ugly! this is before we started the refacing.

And this is a picture from the front door looking towards the kitchen, and you can tell its all closed off. and the one below is after we took out the red walls between both of the rooms!