Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick Baby

This was 2 weeks ago or so. The doctor thought Peyton had RSV, but she tested negative for it. She had the same symptoms though so they put her on steriods and "breathing treatments". We had to do these 4 times a day. I felt so bad cuz she didn't like having that thing on her face. She's all better now though.

This is just random of jaxon. This is what he looks like most of the time. His blanket in one hand and his sippy cup with milk in the other...have i ever mentioned he drinks about a gallon of milk EVERYDAY?!

Monday, March 16, 2009

St. George

kaden's little brother, dixon, had a baseball tourney in st. george this weekend, so we went to watch him play. he is a sophomore at bear river high school and is the starting pitcher for the jv team and plays a little bit in varsity but has the chance to play alot of varsity time. he's such an awesome player. i didn't like baseball much before i started watching him and i actually enjoy it most of the time. the weather was beautiful, it was kinda depressing coming home today to cold weather. i got pretty burnt at the games, and that was the first time i've been out in the sun in a very long time so i was packing on the sunscreen cuz i fry! and can i say i don't mind going on vacation...but i hate coming home and having to unpack and do laundry and put stuff away! it seems really overwhelming!

dixon is #16 at bat

we went swimming a couple of times at the condo we stayed at. jaxon loves swimming!

and this picture doesn't show as well as i thought it would on how red i was but you can still see where my shirt was! surprisingly if felt good to get some sun even tho i was really burnt. i wish i had my husbands and kids skin that just tans!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Peyton's Blessing Day

We blessed Peyton today and are glad some of our family and friends could come. It turned out great and she looked so beautiful! She is such a happy baby and we have loved getting to know her and her sweet little personality. She is 2 1/2 months old and she has already brought so much love and joy into our home. Her big brother Jaxon absolutely adores her and they are so cute together.

Thanks to Kadens sweet mother for making peyton's dress for me. I showed her what i wanted and a day later she had it done. She is so talented at stuff like that.

My cute Famp came up with my family. it was so good to have him there to see peyton get blessed. love you famp

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

P 90X

So if you haven't heard of P 90x...you need to look it up. its a workout program that in my opinion, is the best i've ever heard of. it looks so awesome and fun. you can do it right at home so you don't need to go anywhere which i know is hard with kids ladies! i've talked to alot of people that have been doing it and they love it and say it really works. go to www.BeachBody.com/P90X and check it out