Friday, March 25, 2011

Peyton Tales

So i am going to start doing 'Peyton Tales'. She is always doing funny, cute, crazy things and I don't want to forget about them by not writing it down. Hopefully some of you can relate with your kids to some of the things she is doing. This list I am about to write is ONE weeks worth of things she has done....not funny sometimes at first but we love her just the same.
1.  Pooped during her afternoon nap in her crib, and smeared it on the wall, and ate it...yes i said ate it, not once, but 4 times. 20 minutes of scrubbing it out from under her finger nails...i do have pictures of the after but i figured i didn't want anyone to gag.
2.  Put a half a bottle of the Big Johnson's baby lotion on herself and clothes
3.  Put 3/4 of a bottle of hand sanitizer (the big pump bottle) in her hair, eyes, her clothes and on the floor....and yes she was screaming when it burned her eyes.
4.  Dumped a cup of water while taking a bath onto the floor, which spread to where the tiles and carpet meet, which dripped through the floor, down into our furnace room and through the ceiling in our basement.
5.  Dumped about 3/4 Gallon of distilled water in my moms pantry.
6.  Got into my make up bag twice (see a few posts down to see a picture)
7.  Split her head open again for a 3rd time, right in the middle of her forehead
8.  Dumped out more than half a can of Bostons baby formula down the bathroom sink and on the floor
9.  Got into Kaden's cologne and deodorant and sucked on them....
10. Climbed up her kitchenette set which almost tipped over on top of her
11. Her trying to put headbands on her head
12. She plays PS3 with Kaden and Jaxon (or so she thinks she plays) she swings it around cause she thinks it works like the Wii remote.
13. When she 'toots' or burps, she proudly claims it and says "My poofed" "Excuse me"! She says poof, cause my family growing up, we always used the term 'boof'. Yes i know it's not something anyone ever claims or talks about. We always thought the word boof made it funny.
14. Calls Jaxon a 'you butt' which really hurts his feelings. When he does it back, she shrugs her shoulders and is on her way. She could care less and thinks its funny, which makes Jaxon mad that it doesn't hurt her feelings too.
15. When we know she is into something and ask her what is going on, her response is always 'nussin' (nothing)
   Now you are probably wondering, where in the crap is her mom...well I honestly can't answer that. I swear I turn my head for one second to help one of the other kids or do something around the house, and the next thing i know, she has gotten into something!
Here is one that i caught on camera, I found Peyton in the toy cubby when I asked her to pick up toys....Oh how we love our Peytee.

 Her attempt at putting on her headband

Her head was glued together, it has really started to heal now and looks much better
 Playing NBA on the PS3
 Climbing the Kitchenette
 This is our make shift attempt at keeping her from being able to take her clothes off while she's in her crib and unable to play with her poopies. It has worked so far...if you can't tell what it is, we put a pair of Jaxons footsie pajamas on backwards so she can't reach the zipper.
Using her finger as a binkie for Boston...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boston's Blessing

March 6
 It was such a special day. We had alot of friends and family there to support us!....During his blessing, my cousin said he opened his eyes and saw Boston smiling and grinning the whole time. We absolutely love him and are so blessed to have him a part of our family. Wish I would've taken pictures of everyone afterward but thank you to everyone who helped and came to share the day with us!

 Love these 3:)