Sunday, May 15, 2011

April Catch Up

We've had some crazy couple of weeks. ALOT of pictures to update!
Surprise Birthday Party

My mom's sister, Melyn, was such a huge part of my childhood. She was there for every Christmas, even when my family lived in Illinois. Her husband Steve surprised her with a party a month early so she wouldn't suspect it. I love her so much. Happy Birthday Appoline!
 We had a Karaoke at the Party! This is all the girl cousins who came
 And the boy cousins doing ymca....ha ha they are all doing a different letter....
Easter Baskets
Boston's First Easter
 Easter Sunday at my mom's. Carrot baseball for the kids!
Boston and Poppy J
 Coloring Easter egg with Kaden's family
Women's Conference
      I went to the byu's women conference a couple of weeks ago with my mom and sisters Jenny and Sara. The best part was really hanging out with them and laughing the entire time. It was really hard for me to leave my kids and husband overnight. I've never done that and I've never left Boston for more than an hour or so since he was born. But I did it and survived!
     Can I just say, the idea of women's conference is great, and they have lots of great classes.....but some of the women that go, are a little crazy. It seemed to bring out the worst in alot of women.
Sara, me, my mom, and Jenny
Baseball Games
     My husbands little brother Dixon, is a senior this year and we've been to lots of baseball games this spring! He is an amazing pitcher, and just found out he will be going to California to a JC to play this fall! We're really gonna miss him. He has spent lots of time at our house over the years and my kids adore him. I love him like he's my own little brother.
   Kaden has started softball again this year. I'm so glad he has a hobby that he loves doing, that the kids and I can come and watch to support him.

The Kids Extras
 Spring Family Photos
Jaxon thought he was pretty cool 'driving' my mom's new car
 Boston learned to hold his bottle. He's getting so big it makes me sad sometimes! I love his little personality he's started to show. I am way biased and can say I have the best baby ever:)
 Jaxon 'reading' the trampoline instructions...even though he can't read yet
 Starting to learn the 2 wheeler
I love this picture of my boys. They play like this everyday and just laugh at each other.

Grandpa Marble's Funeral
  Kaden's grandpa, Boyd Marble, passed away last Saturday on Kaden's birthday. He was such an amazing man that lead and amazing life and will be missed by many.
This was taken when Gpa and Gma Marble came to visit when we had Boston
Chantry, Kaden and their cousin Nate
My Best Friends Boy
And last, my best friend Robyn had her first little boy, Calder, and he is the cutest little boy! I'm so happy she has a little boy the same age as Boston!
 Robyn is such an awesome mommy, she's a natural as you can tell by this picture. Love you!
Isn't he so handsome!?
Best buds

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Guy...

Kaden has been so much more than I could've ever hoped for in a husband.
1. He is so good at being the first to apologize, even when something is my fault....
2. He tells me everyday how much he loves and appreciates everything I do.
3. Tells me I'm beautiful, even when if I know I look horrible.
4. After a long day at work, he will still cook dinner if I haven't been able to do it by the time he gets home.
5. Can make friends with ANYONE.
6. Loves to support his brother in his sports
7. Is a great softball player and enjoys it even if they aren't winning....he's a happy 'loser'
8. Loves being outdoors, hunting, sports, snowboarding (something i am jealous of, cuz i stink at it)
9. Is a worthy Priesthood holder and I'm so grateful to have that in our home
10. Is an incredible daddy and our kids adore him.
11. Its his birthday today!!!! Happy 24 Years old man:)
 Love you sweetie

My bro in law Brandon found sour mushrooms.....shrooms.....thats why kaden attempted to look like he was high. Sour candy his Kaden's favorite!
Finally got our trampoline to our house from kade's parents yesterday that has been there since christmas...Kaden and his dad and Josh, my bro in law, set it up and the kids loved it.
We had a BBQ with our families! Kaden's sweet grandpa passed away during the party so his parents left early.  He was an incredible man and has been in a lot of pain so as Kaden would say, it's bitter sweet.