Friday, August 20, 2010


We spent our first time in the ER with Peyton a few weeks ago....Jaxon and Peytee were playin on a wooden rocking chair and we think he was pushing her a little too hard in it, and she hit her face on the rail cause thats where the blood was, and her tooth went through horizontally under her lip and split vertically on the outside and this is what it looked like.

 This is where she needed stitches....of course its right there on her face. This is right after it happened on our way to the hospital.

Waiting for the doctor to come in...

This is what they strapped her in to hold her down.

She had 2 different nurses and a respiratory therapist holding her down plus the straps. She had 7 numbing shots...which never ended up working so she felt everything. And after the first sedative didn't work to calm her down, they gave her a 2nd one in her leg which was supposed to pretty much knock her out...but it only lasted maybe 10 minutes and she was back up fighting again. The worst part was she said "owie" and " mommy" the entire time.

3 1/2 hours later...

This is right after Daddy and Jaxon came back in the room. She was a little out of it and pretty loopy. As soon as Jaxon saw her, he kept sayin "I'm so sorry mommy" and then kept apologizing to Peyton cuz he felt so bad.

And these were taken 2 weeks after, it is healing really good! We're hoping it fades. So far it is looking better everyday

Jaxon kissing her owie better.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 4

I'm a little late about posting but we celebrated our 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on August 4! I can't believe how much has happened since then! A few of the big ones are.....we got MARRIED, became parents to a handsome little boy Jaxon, got sealed in the temple, bought our first house, had a beautiful little girl Peyton, Kaden started a new job at the beginning of this year which he absolutely LOVES doing, and we are expecting our 3rd baby...another little BOY in November! I love Kaden now more than ever, we have been through a lot together but I'm so grateful for him in my life! I LOVE YOU KADEN! Can't wait for the many more years to come!
We went to Olive favorite! And we went to see Charlie St. Cloud....Great movie fyi! Loved it! Go see it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer 2010

Summer has been crazy with lots going on! Here's a recap of June and July!

 Jaxon has learned to ride a scooter

lite bright 

they love watching movies together


Jaxon learning to hit baseballs

(sarah, me & peyton, meg, robyn w/reese, dani, ashtyn and cooper)
So fun to see these girls!

Mom and Dad's 30th Anniversary on June 3!

My sisters and me made them a Photo Book on It turned out sooo cute

The grandkids all together

24 years old on June 28th

Me and Brooklyn, my niece, have the same Birthday! She turned 1!


 We went swimming and Jaxon slipped in some mud on our way to the pool....

Waiting for Fireworks to start