Saturday, January 31, 2009

Peyton Pics

These are just some random pics of peyton over the past couple of weeks. she's really starting to get big. she's becoming more and more aware everyday

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kaden Appreciaton

Kaden is an amazing husband, dad and friend. i try to show him how much i love and appreciate him as much as possible, so i'm letting everyone else know what an awesome guy i am married to. He works very hard to keep me home with our kids so we don't have to get a babysitter, and he does it with a great attitude. even when hours get rough at work. so i love you kaden and here's some pics of a few things to show how awesome he is. i don't have a picture of this, but he really enjoys playing softball and he plays soccer with me.

This is a picture of one of the first times we ever hung out together. and the one below is 3 years we both look alot older now and have alot of amazing memories together. its amazing how fast time goes by when you're enjoying life

he is so sweet to me all the time:)

he loves his long hair when it's grown out...i like it both long and short. i think he looks more clean cut when its short tho

this is kaden and peyton sleeping together. he is an amazing dad to both our kids

i love this picture. kaden took jaxon on a four wheeler for the first time and jaxon had so much fun.

we made a fort in our front room with jaxon. him and kaden played 'cars' under there

kaden loves hunting. this is a deer that his friend nate shot. the only ones i have of the ones kaden has shot are a little gross. i don't mind them but someone else i put this one up instead cuz he helped spot it, gut it and haul it off. i won't brag him up to bad, but he's got the best shot out of anyone i know. everyone he hunts with always tell me how good of a shot he is with his gun. especially during bird hunting season. he hunts his deer with a bow tho. and he's gotten one every year for the past 3 years he's gotten a tag.

and at last...remember our renovation project we started almost a year ago...this is at the beginning

this is a couple months later...

and now, thanks to kaden and his hard work...i helped alot too tho. thanks to kadens parents and my dad in helping us finish to this point. we're so grateful for all of them. we're not all the way done yet but its livable now:) and i love it.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm pretty sure we don't need to worry about jaxon being a makeup artist someday. We were running errands today, and when i looked in the back seat...this is what jaxon was up to. somehow he got in my makeup bag and found mascara. he was afraid he was going to be in trouble but we couldn't even get mad cuz we were laughing so hard. kids are awesome. we love you jaxon:)!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bath Time

Peyton is still so little! We took her to the doctors last week and at one month old she is a woppin 7 lbs. and 8 oz. She fits in the kitchen sink for her bath which makes things a little bit easier for me!

Look at those big eyes! She loves taking baths.

She doesn't so much love having to get out though.

And this is a picture of Jaxon wanting to climb in Peytons crib with her to hold her. This is him attempting to hand her to me when she started to cry:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Over the Holidays

Yay for 2009! 2008 was a great year and hope 2009 is even better. hopefully we can make some new year goals and actually stick to them this year!

This is a picture the night before we had peyton so everyone can see my belly right before we had her. i have to say it feels wonderful to breath again:)

Everyone kept telling me jaxon was gonna seem huge when a new baby was going to be around and it didn't really kick in til after i took this picture and looked at it later!

next Michael Jordan?...

my dad, grandpa doxey holding peyton on christmas morning. my dad is so cute with her so i love this picture

My sister Sara was here for christmas. she lives in ohio so i only see her a couple times a year. it was so nice to see her and glad she was able to be here for the holidays and meet her new niece a couple of days after she was born